Telemetry & Error Reporting Solved

Tools to allow you to know exactly what's happening in your app -- either while testing or even in production.

Operam was built with the experience of creating many iterations of telemetry and instrumentation systems for our own clients over the years.

Programatic Instrumentation

Each recorded telemetry event contains information about user actions: which screens were opened, which buttons tapped, what device is being used, the OS version, memory, disk usage and more. You control when (and if) they are generated.

Access full device console logs, including system level messages. You may also log custom debug messages to Operam.

It's perfect for when a strange bug is happening, and you wish you had access to more information to resolve it.

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Effortless User Feedback

Testers send feedback by shaking their device (other options available). Say goodbye to support emails with a Word document, and single screenshot inside of it!

User generated issues contain the same information as programatic telemetry events, but the automatic screenshot with user annotation provides context about what needs to be fixed or changed.

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